Toxic Tort Litigation

Toxic tort litigation involves cases where environmental poisons cause injury to individuals exposed to lead paint or asbestos, which can result in very serious injuries to the human body.

There are nearly 1000 substances which have been identified as having, or possibly having, neurotoxic effects. There are four major categories of exposures that can have adverse effects on the brain:

1) Metals, specifically lead, mercury and manganese

2) Solvents and Fuel

3) Pesticides

4) Carbon Monoxide

Exposure to sufficient amounts of these chemicals, either in the work place or elsewhere, can cause neurological and brain problems. Likewise chronic exposure (long term, lower level exposure) can also have damaging effects.

Why Choose Sinel Law?

Sinel & Associates, PLLC successfully handles toxic tort cases against negligent property owners, property management companies and manufacturers who allow toxic materials to permeate society and injure individuals. We review every page of every medical report and our reputable team of medical specialists, experts, and nurses will come to Court to testify on your behalf. This dedication and diligence allows us to to achieve superior results for many of our clients.

Call Sinel Law at 212.465.1000 to receive a free consultation about the claims that you may have after suffering from a toxic tort. We will fight to bring you justice.

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