Premises Liability

Property owners and property managers have an obligation to keep the properties that they own or manage in a safe and hazardous free condition.  Premises liability cases range from:

  • Injuries caused by falling debris
  • Malfunctioning or the nonexistence of smoke detectors and fire alarms
  • Window and screen security issues
  • Inadequate security of known dangerous areas
  • Failure to control dogs and other dangerous animals and
  • Inadequate lighting in alleys, hallways and foyers.

Why Choose Sinel Law?

Sinel & Associates, PLLC successfully handles a large volume of cases against negligent property owners and property management companies of apartment buildings, businesses, schools and other premises. We review every page of every police and medical report and our reputable team of medical specialists, experts, and nurses will come to Court to testify on your behalf. This dedication and diligence allows us to to achieve superior results for many of our clients.

Call Sinel Law at 212.465.1000 to receive a free consultation about the claims that you may have after suffering from an injury caused by improper premises management. We will fight to bring you justice.


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